Frequently asked questions

Q Can I come and visit the farm ?

We work seven days a week, and work long hours. We simply do not have time to give people a tour of our farm.  

Q Do you have any adult female Australian water dragons (or other adult female reptile) for sale? I have a male and am looking for a female to go with him.

A Sorry but our adult female reptiles are almost never for sale. We need them to produce the reptiles we supply. If adult pairs, or females are available for sale they will be in the 'specials' section, on the 'available' page.

Q Can you send me pictures of some of your baby Australian water dragons (or other reptile)?

A Sorry we are too busy to take pictures for individuals. But we are trying to increase the numbers of pictures on the website all the time, so please add this site to your favourites and check for updates every so often.

Q I am keen to buy unrelated stock to prevent inbreeding. Can you provide unrelated lizards ?

A Generally yes. Wherever possible we try to start breeding with as many bloodlines as possible. For example our original Australian water dragons were started with over 20 dragons from 12 bloodlines.

Q I want to make a breeding group of lizards. Can I have 2 (or more) females and a single male ?

A Generally our young lizards are not sexable before they are ready to be sold. Where they are sexable as young, we prefer to sell pairs or single males. This is because it would be difficult for us to sell the remaining males we would be left with. If you want to form breeding groups it is always better to start with 5 or more young, and sell on the spare males to others as pets. Specialist reptile shops are often keen to buy these spare males.  

Q What do you feed your lizards ?

A It varies from species to species, but we use a wide range of feeder insects that are all bred by us. That way we can ensure we have the best quality insects possible. We use a variety of vegetables, fruits and cereals many of which we produce ourselves using organic growing methods on our own farm. We do not use rodents for any of our lizards. We do not believe there is any advantage in doing so, and do not recommend it.